Treig Pronschinske’s mistakes have cost us.

The City of Mondovi is being sued by a former police officer who says Pronschinske sexually harassed her
at work.

According to court filings, Pronschinske misused his power to try to publicly shame the officer by commenting on her physical appearance. The legal bills have already cost taxpayers thousands₂, and a federal judge just ruled that the case has enough merit to go to trial. That means more legal bills for us to pay, thanks to Treig Pronschinske.

Trieg Pronschinske voted to give away your money

Pronschinske voted to hand $4.5 billion to a Taiwanese corporation.

That money could have fixed our roads, funded our schools, and reduced our taxes had it stayed here. Instead, Pronschinske gave our money away so a foreign billionaire could make a profit.

Thanks to Pronschinske, $90 million won’t be going to local road projects - it goes to Foxconn.₄ Rather than putting his district first, Pronschinske’s votes show that he’s sold out.

Pronschinske is looking out for corporations, not us.

It’s time for new leadership. It’s time for Rob Grover.

On November 6th, vote for Rob Grover for State Assembly.

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