Tony Kurtz doesn’t get it

Tony Kurtz Broke The Law

Tony Kurtz has broken campaign finance laws repeatedly. He’s hidden information about his donors, taken illegal contributions, and failed to file financial transparency reports. He’s had his campaign committee shut down for his failure to follow the rules and has paid fines to the state because he broke state law.₂ If Tony Kurtz wants to write the law, he should start following it.

Tony Kurtz called Wisconsin workers lazy

When asked why Wisconsin’s middle class hasn’t seen wage growth, Kurtz didn’t blame the policies that have given away billions to billionaires or failed to support rural Wisconsin - he blamed Wisconsin’s workers.₃ Tony Kurtz doesn’t understand the challenges that middle class families face. Politicians like Tony Kurtz are part of the problem.

We can’t Afford Tony Kurtz

Tony Kurtz said he wants to destroy the Affordable Care Act

Tony Kurtz doesn’t understand that families need affordable healthcare. He says that no one needed the Affordable Care Act₄ even though the law guaranteed coverage for people with pre-existing conditions who were previously unable to get insurance. The Affordable Care Act helped Wisconsin families avoid going bankrupt by eliminating lifetime caps on coverage that forced families to make desperate choices between paying for healthcare or paying for things like food or gas. Kurtz doesn’t understand how to help families in the 50th Assembly District.

Tony Kurtz wants to raise your taxes so the 1% pay less

Kurtz’s tax plan would increase middle class taxes, reduce taxes for the wealthiest, and create huge deficits.₅ Kurtz has also aligned himself with the corrupt politicians who arranged the Foxconn deal₆ - a “deal” that takes billions from our schools, our roads, and our wallets in order to hand billions of tax dollars to a foreign corporation. Kurtz wants to help the wealthy donors who bankroll his campaigns, not us. We can’t afford Tony Kurtz.

Tony Kurtz isn’t one of us

Kurtz moved in just 4 years ago - after his last failed campaign

Maybe that’s why Tony Kurtz doesn’t get it. Tony Kurtz just doesn’t understand what Wisconsin needs to create better jobs, reduce healthcare costs, and help working families.

It’s time for new leadership. It’s time for Art Shrader.

On November 6th, vote for Art Shrader for State Assembly.

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