It’s time to go, Joe

Joe Sanfelippo put CORPORATe profits ahead of our healthcare

Sanfelippo voted to allow insurance companies to discriminate against people who suffer from pre-existing conditions.₂ He even voted against regularly testing water supplies, which covers the liability of corporations, but puts children at risk.₃

As legal action threatens pre-existing condition coverage, Joe Sanfelippo has failed to make sure we have affordable healthcare.

Joe Sanfelippo voted to make it harder to prosecute corrupt politicians

He made it easier for politicians to live above the law. These are not the values we want from our elected leaders.

Joe Sanfelippo is a rubber stamp for his party boss

Instead of working to find solutions that are the best for us, Sanfelippo has been a partisan extremist in Madison. He’s voted with his party bosses more than 95% of the time.₄ While he’s been in Madison, Sanfelippo hasn’t been looking out for his constituents. He’s playing politics and trying to protect his political career instead.

We can’t trust Joe Sanfelippo.

Time to go, Joe.