Rob Hutton is too extreme.

He’s voted to dismantle non-partisan agencies, voted to make it harder to prosecute corrupt politicians, and voted to allow millions of dollars in dark money to influence Wisconsin elections.

Hutton has supported rigged gerrymandering and voted against reining in corruption and fraud at the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. He even voted in favor of spending thousands of taxpayer dollars to defend unconstitutional laws.

Why would Rob Hutton vote this way? He’s beholden to party bosses and votes in lock step with them. 

They’re spending thousands on his campaign, and he’s paid them back by being a yes man in Madison. In the last two years, Hutton only deviated from his party bosses four times. In fact, Hutton votes with his party 98% of the time. In more than 1,000 votes in 6 years, he only voted against his party bosses 27 times.

We don’t need a rubber stamp like Rob Hutton.

Rob Hutton failed our children

When he’s had the chance to make sure that our local schools have what they need without forcing us to raise our local property taxes, Rob Hutton voted to take funds away from public schools. He’s supported a less accountable voucher school system that takes money from public schools without making sure that our taxpayer dollars are being used well and that kids are being taught by qualified professionals. He’s voted against curbing fraud and abuse in the private voucher school program and even voted against provisions that would protect taxpayer dollars when one of these unaccountable voucher schools closes in the middle of a school year. His vote has been bought and paid for by out-of-state groups funded by Betsy DeVos and other billionaires who want to profit off our kids’ educations rather than help educate our kids so that they can succeed.

Hutton’s failures extend beyond K-12 schools. For college graduates who graduate with student loans, Hutton has voted repeatedly against allowing them to refinance their student loans just like a loan for a mortgage or a car.

When it comes to preparing our children for the future, it’s clear that Rob Hutton has let them down.

Rob Hutton isn’t keeping us safe

The Wisconsin Professional Police Association endorsed Dennis McBride for State Assembly, NOT Rob Hutton. Maybe that’s because Rob Hutton voted against universal background checks. He did nothing about loopholes that allow weapons to fall in to the wrong hands. He’s even voted against requiring background checks for teachers at some schools instead of making sure that every student in our state is safe.

It’s time for new leadership. It’s time for Dennis McBride.

On November 6th, vote for Alyson Leahy for Dennis McBride.

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