Pat Snyder has cost Wisconsin BIllions

Pat Snyder authored a bill that gave billions to a foreign corporation.

The Foxconn deal was terrible for Wisconsin. It steals taxpayer dollars that should have gone to affordable healthcare, improving local schools, and better roads for everyone. Instead, Snyder’s bill handed billions to a Taiwanese corporation. He put that corporation first, NOT the people of Wisconsin.

He puts politics over people - and we all pay the price

Pat Snyder rejected millions of dollars for affordable healthcare.₂ Even though federal money for affordable healthcare was available, Snyder didn’t care about the well-being of his constituents. Instead, he voted against them.

Pat Snyder’s Political Agenda Is Too Extreme

Pat Snyder put sexual assault convictions at risk

Snyder voted against requiring that law enforcement prove rape kits were processed. As rape kits sat untested, Pat Snyder put a political agenda first while victims suffered.₄ That’s not leadership - that’s wrong.

He voted against abortion access - even in cases of rape or incest

Snyder put his political agenda ahead of women’s health.₆ He’s admitted that he is a “right wing extremist” and his record proves it.₇

It’s time for new leadership. It’s time for Alyson Leahy.

On November 6th, vote for Alyson Leahy for State Assembly.

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