Loren Oldenburg has already given in to special interests

In a recent forum, Oldenburg admitted that he was already being told what to do by dark money special interests - and he didn’t know how to fight back

“I believe, you know, when you get in a race like this, everyone wants to pull on your strings,...do this, do that. I truly believe it is there. I don’t know what we can do at the state level, as far as fixing the issue. It definitely influences decisions..."

We don’t need another sell-out politician who will be pushed around by the billionaires who fund his campaign.

Too often, big corporations get what they need while we are left behind. If politicians are too busy looking out for themselves and their donors, we get rushed deals like the Foxconn deal which gives billions of taxpayer dollars to a foreign corporation instead of investing in our local schools or fixing our roads. When bought-and-paid-for politicians like Loren Oldenburg get money from Betsy DeVos and other private school profiteers, we get stuck with unaccountable voucher schools taking funding away from our local, public schools.

We don’t need another rubber stamp in the Assembly.

We don’t need Loren Oldenburg.

It’s time for a leader with the vision and guts to get things done for you. It’s time for Paul Buhr.

On November 6th, vote for Paul Buhr for State Assembly.

Learn more here: www.PaulBuhrForAssembly.com

Listen to the full debate: