Jim Ott is too extreme

Jim Ott had his chance to be a leader, but his voting record shows that he’s just another rubber stamp

Ott has voted with his party bosses 99.5% of the time₁. He’s voted for the biggest cuts to education in state history₂, voted to allow insurance companies to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions₃,₄, and voted to give billions to a foreign corporation instead of investing in our roads and our schools₅. He’s forgotten that he’s supposed to work for the people - not big corporations or party bosses. We don’t need to keep a rubber stamp in the Assembly.

Even worse, he voted against emergency contraception for Rape victims₆

Rather than caring for victims, Jim Ott decided that his extreme agenda was more important. No one should play politics with the care given to rape victims, but Jim Ott did it anyway. We don’t need another extremist pushing a personal agenda against women.

We don’t need Jim Ott