In 2018, we unrig the maps

In 2018, the voice of Wisconsin citizens might finally been heard.

After years under a rigged and gerrymandered map, Wisconsin voters might finally have the ability to choose their State Representatives under a fair map that respects the will of the people.

However, even though a federal court found the current Wisconsin map to be unconstitutional our fight is not over.

The Republicans who rigged the map in the first place still get a chance to draw a new map.

We cannot let them repeat their tricks again. 

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Tell Republicans that this is what a fair process for new maps should look like:


The people of Wisconsin deserve an open process so that all voters can be heard during this important undertaking.

The unconstitutional maps that Republicans drew in 2011 were the product of a closed system that rejected input from the public and Democratic members of the legislature. As a new map is drawn in 2017, public hearings should be held around the state to ensure that citizens from all across Wisconsin can be a part of fixing these illegal maps.


The people of Wisconsin deserve a process that is public so that all voters can be assured their voice is heard.

When the Republicans in the legislature drew their rigged maps, they swore to hide the process from the public. That’s not how a healthy democracy creates the basis of its foundation and as we begin the process of fixing the rigged system created by those secret meetings there is no reason for secrecy.


The people of Wisconsin deserve a fair process that represents all voters instead of favoring any one group over another.

At the heart of the court’s ruling was the idea that voters should choose their representatives and representatives should not be choosing their voters. The court’s ruling could not have been more clear: partisan gerrymanders cannot continue in Wisconsin and Republicans in the legislature must make this right. 

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Voters should choose their Representatives.

Representatives should not choose their voters.