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Rob Stafsholt joined the Assembly Republicans in rejecting universal background checks for gun buyers in Wisconsin. While 97% of Americans support this simple measure, Stafsholt opposed creating a safer Wisconsin for everyone.

stafsholt voted to protect Republican NRA campaign donations rather than voting to protect the lives of Wisconsinites.

Tuesday, February 20th, 2018 saw Republicans in the State Assembly reach a new low as they rejected the practical and widely supported step of requiring background checks for gun buyers in Wisconsin.


Recent polls have clearly shown that Americans are almost unanimous in their call for background checks for gun buyers. 

Rather than listening to Americans, Rob Stafsholt and the Republicans chose to reject making Wisconsin safer.

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Tell Rob Stafsholt and Wisconsin Republicans that they have failed us. Tell them that their vote against this simple reform is putting Wisconsinites at risk.

WHY would Republicans Like Rob stafsholt vote against background checks?

Their campaigns are bankrolled by gun lobbyists and the NRA.

The NRA has spent $3.5 million in the last decade supporting Republican candidates in Wisconsin.

On Tuesday, Assembly Republicans showed that they care more about campaign donations than the safety of Wisconsinites.

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