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Wisconsin’s Wetlands Are Under Attack

It takes a special issue to truly unite fans of the NRA, the EPA and America’s HOAs, but Governor Walker and his Republican rubber stamps in the legislature are selling off Wisconsin’s most precious natural resource to the highest bidder

Assembly Bill 547 aims to make it easier to destroy our pristine environment for special interest profits - Join Us and Fight Back.

After giving foreign corporations billions in cash and tax incentives and exempting them from obeying our environmental regulations, they're opening the floodgates for a corporate takeover of Wisconsin's natural resources.

The GOP has put forth legislation to further loosen environmental restrictions for all corporations.

We rely on our state's wetlands to maintain high water quality and a balance in natural ecosystems, and to prevent severe flooding to certain areas.

If we allow construction on these wetland environments, without going through the proper environmental procedures, we risk the contamination of our waterways, the destruction of important ecosystems, and the reversal of flood protections that many communities depend upon.

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Tell Republicans to vote to protect Wisconsin's Wetlands
by voting against Assembly Bill 547.

This piece of legislation is extremely dangerous — it makes it easier for foreign corporations like Foxconn to build on state wetlands and to discharge dredged or fill waste into wetlands without having to meet area water quality standards.

Who's with us in the fight:

  • Gathering Waters
  • Ducks Unlimited
  • Trout Unlimited
  • Pheasants Forever
  • Wisconsin Waterfowl Association
  • Wisconsin Trappers Association
  • Wisconsin Wildlife Association
  • The National Wild Turkey Federation
  • The Wisconsin Conservation Congress
  • Clean Wisconsin
  • Midwest Environmental Advocates
  • The Nature Conservancy-Wisconsin Chapter
  • River Alliance of Wisconsin
  • Wisconsin Association of Lakes Inc.
  • Wisconsin Chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology, North America and Global
  • Wisconsin Land and Water Conservation Association Inc.
  • Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters
  • Wisconsin Wetlands Association

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